Humanities Scholars Join Project

Two Humanities scholars have joined the team as advisors for the Mass Humanities grant.


Dr. Keila Diehl, anthropologist/ethnomusicologist, UC Berkeley 

Dr. Diehl is the author of “Echoes from Dharamsala,” a monograph about the role of Tibetan, Chinese, Indian, and Western music in the lives of Tibetan refugees. She is also an advisor for our Mass Humanities grant and is a musician in her own right.


Dr. Amy Mountcastle, third from left, cultural anthropologist, SUNY Plattsburg

Dr. Mountcastle is a cultural anthropologist with great knowledge about Tibet. She is very knowledgeable about Tibetan history and culture and was a major architect of the Tibet Festival in Plattsburg, NY, where she teaches at SUNY Plattsburgh.




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